Thursday, 14 April 2011

Funny’s funny but is 99 years too soon?

I read on the interweb that the Titanic hit an iceberg 99 years ago ergo next year is the centenary.

I thought maybe the BBC had run out of things to talk about so they ran this story a year early.

Also, by this time next year everyone will be going mental about the Olympics so the Titanic story might pass like a ship in the night.


Anyway that was just the tip of the erm…story.

The photo they used to thrust forward the non-story was of the crew members presumably just before they boarded.

Now forgive me for being insensitive but some of them had funny faces.

It tickled me so much that I pressed the print screen button on my netbook and whacked the resulting image into paint where I used my extremely rudimentary editing skills to create hilarious captions.

It did get me thinking, is it too soon to joke about it? 99 years is a long time but people died and that sort of thing never goes away.

It was funny to me though, so that superseded any guilt I was feeling.

Worryingly easily actually.

Fig. 1 – LOLZ

knew something

Disclaimer: It just seemed like he was shitting himself.

Fig. 2 Chairman ROFLMAO


Disclaimer: The eyes are shifty and he looks like he has a tan. Not the standard look for cabin crew aboard a gigantic vessel. More a man with mafia connections. 

Fig. 3 What iceberg?

cross eyed burk

Disclaimer: The caption says it all really.

P.S. Lol!brow humour has been employed to get a cheap laugh. All spelling mistakes are intentional and a function of the aped medium.

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