Friday, 18 February 2011

Hip and Knee - Monologue for performance

MEHMET an elderly turkish man is sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. He drops the newspaper to the floor and laughs. He raises his hand to his head and rubs it in amused bewilderment.

                                    Amazing! Truly amazing!
                                                (he leans back in his chair and exhales)
                                    On Tuesday night I was watching the television. Well I
                                    say watching, I was simply flicking through the
                                    channels hoping to come across something that would
                                    excite me.
                                                (he suppresses some wind in his chest)
                                    And that's when I saw it. Incredible! I dropped the
                                    remote because I was trying to conjure up an exciting
                                    image by jabbing it as I changed the channel.
                                                (he demonstrates and laughs)
                                    Funny really, it never makes a difference but it amuses
                                    me I suppose.
                                                (he muses on this statement)
                                    So you see I didn't mean to see it but I'm very glad that I
                                    did. She was beautiful, just going about her business in
                                    the background while a man, a little younger than me
                                                (he knits his eyebrows)
                                    was giving a report about cuts; financial cuts, from a
                                    hospital! It wasn't exactly about physical cuts, that I could
                                                (he laughs, with little trace of amusement)
                                    But it was her I noticed, in her yellow blouse and navy
                                    blue skirt. She was out of focus, but then again everyone
                                    is to me!
MEHMET bellows out some laughter and starts coughing. He takes out a handkerchief to cover his mouth and wriggles in his chair to get more comfortable.
                                    Two seconds she is there for, maybe two and a half.
                                                (he struggles to his feet)
                                    She comes on screen like this.
                                                (he plods on the spot to demonstrate)
                                    And she passes a junction on her...
                                                (he closes his eyes to remember)
                                    On her right and then she stops! Very suddenly with the
                                    poise of an athlete and she twists her hips and pushes
                                    with her knees in the direction she was supposed to go.
                                                (he lowers himself back into his chair)
                                    All the time this man keeps talking, he isn't to know what
                                    has just happened behind him but it was a moment. A
                                    moment of real beauty.
                                                (he stops and nods)
                                    Because on the sign by the man who was delivering this
                                    sad report read the words 'Hip and Knee' with an arrow in
                                    the direction of my lady's junction.
                                                (he takes his handkerchief out and wipes his
                                                face, smiling)
                                    She wasn't to know.
                                    That's why it was beautiful. It was the poetry.

MEHMET picks up his paper and continues to read it as the lights fade.

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